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Welcome to Terra firma biotechnologies Ltd (T F B L) eco (Green Company.)
We are delighted to take this opportunity in introducing ourselves as a Group of Agriculture Graduates and Technocrats working purely on environmental aspects in the name of TERRA-FIRMA BIOTECHNOLOGIES LTD, Our Solid waste recycling facility –I and II based at Bangalore Since 1994 in an area of total 130 Acres to Process Municipal Solid waste Was established with a view to replace chemical fertilizers substantially and also to promote Organic Farming . Biotechnologies developed Indigenously for agriculture Organic Farming were suitably modified to manage urban waste as well by adopting Microbial and Vermiculture Concepts to convert Solid Waste into value added and Enriched Products. Through the process we have acquired in–depth knowledge in handling and managing solid waste.
Intigrated Solid Waste Requirements Project.
(MSW) –Handling 1500MT of waste per day in bayed.
Additional 3500MT in Chennai & Hyderabad.
With Tailor made integrating for Recycling of boiled black gold.
Producing of Compost & Formality Combust-Wormy Compost Nether Gold-Purchase
Bio Memouality Power Plant 6mw Under Impleculary.
Plastic Recycles
Debris Brushes
Bioresearches Laud Five Opecasriy.
E-Waste Handling.
Liquid Biogerbtlizy.
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