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Company Profile
Terra Firma Biotechnologies Ltd.
Terra Firma ( SWM) Chennai Pvt Ltd.

We are delighted to take this opportunity in introducing ourselves as a Group of Agriculture Graduates and Technocrats working purely on environmental aspects in the name of TERRA-FIRMA BIOTECHNOLOGIES LTD, Our Solid waste recycling facility –I and II based at Bangalore Since 1994 in an area of total 130 Acres to Process Municipal Solid waste Was established with a view to replace chemical fertilizers substantially and also to promote Organic Farming . Biotechnologies developed Indigenously for agriculture Organic Farming were suitably modified to manage urban waste as well by adopting Microbial and Vermiculture Concepts to convert Solid Waste into value added and Enriched Products. Through the process we have acquired in–depth knowledge in handling and managing solid waste.

We are proud to inform you that we have franchisee manufacturing units in prime parts of the Country who have already gone into production and marketing of the unique products. This is being implemented in order to meet the all India requirements of our products. We are still receiving enquiries for putting up the Plants for manufacturing of the Organic Products with our technology transfer.


In recognition of the unique concept, the Government of Karnataka has awarded the Managing Director with Best Environmentalist for the year 1995-96 through Department of Pollution Control Board. The other awards received are:

     1. Indian Express Awards – recognized
     2. Right Attribute Awards from Padmashree Charitable Trust.
     3. Magnum Award from Magnum Foundation, Nagpur.
     4. The Degree of Doctors of Philosophy from Nova South Eastern University.

Apart from the above and based on the Contribution/Achievements made to the environment, the leading news paper and periodicals have published our concept and Doordarshan, Zee, Star & BCC have also telecasted our Concept for the best interest of the farming community. The paper cuttings are enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

Our unique concept will mainly emphasize on:


  • Forced Air Composting
  • Windrow composting
  • Vermicomposting
  • Reuse of Refuse Derived Fuel
  • Rapid Biomethanation
  • Brick Manufacturing out of Debris
  • Scientific Landfill site
  • Extraction of land fill gas from land fill site
  • Recycling of Plastic and others

The following is an added advantage in putting up the unique concept like ours:

  • Reducing import of chemical fertilizer
  • Developing internal resources of our own to meet the internal requirements of quality products for exports.
  • Earning substantial foreign exchange by way of Agri Product Exports.
  • Keeping the city clean
  • Environmentally safe product for healing earth.



Now, seeing the success and meeting the fullest satisfaction of the farming community, M/s Coromandel International Ltd have made an M.O.U with us and have already reached a sales target of around 25,000 MTs for a period of 12 months. They are marketing our product in the brand name of “GODAVARI GOLD” for organic manure. This has also achieved a good name in the field.


We have made an M.O.U with Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd a Government of India Enterprises for marketing our another unique product Liquid Foliar Stimulant Spray a growth promoter which is also is organic farm on all India basis. This has also fetched results to the entire satisfaction of the farmers. Their achievement is 20-25 KL every year and still the business is on successfully. They are marketing our product in the brand name of “KAPILA GOLD “

Proposed Plan:

  • Increase the capacity to create franchise-manufacturing network of 25 Plants of 1.00 lakh MT.
  • Reinforce market promotion.
  • Organic/Inorganic granulated fertilizer plant with capacity of 50,000 MT (advanced stage).

1) Setting up of R & D Biotechnology Lab (50,000 sq.ft area) – Agribiotech & Health care.

  • Molecular Biology lab
  • Genetic Engineering and gene mapping centre
  • Biofertilizers.
  • Product Development lab
  • Microbiology culture lab
  • DNA and gene manipulation lab
  • Testing house
  • E.I.A lab
  • Patenting consulting
  • Ancient remedies polyclinic.

2) IT consulting connected activities, Health care, agricompanies and universities for content development


Expertise in Solid Waste Management & Handled 25 Turnkey Projects.

Selected for Supreme Court Committee on Solid Waste Management

Handled Seminars on Solid Waste Management & Biotech Applications.
Expertise in Organic Farming.

Franchise Operations:

1) North East Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd Guwahati (Assam) - 5000 MT capacity
2) Sindhol Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd Bidar, Karnataka - 3000 MT capacity
3) Vasundhara Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd Shimoga, Karnataka - 3000 MT capacity
4) Hubli Biotechnologies pvt. Ltd Hubli, Karnataka - 2000 Mt capacity
5) Krishna Biofert Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad - 5000 MT capacity
6) Enbee Fertilizers Pvt Ltd Bhopal - 10000 MT capacity
7) Genesis Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd U.P. - 10000 MT capacity
8) Genuine Biofertilisers Ltd Rajamundry, A.P. - 4000 MT capacity
9) Deepika Biofertilizers Ltd Guntur, A.P. - 4000 MT capacity
10) Agri Gold Farms Ltd Vijayawada, A.P. - 4000 MT capacity
11) Tamil Nadu Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd Madurai - 2000 MT capacity
12) Terra Agro Technologies Ltd Coimbatore, (T.N) - 1000 MT capacity
13) Madhura Bio-Organic Fertilizer Mysore Road, Bangalore Karnataka - 1000 MT capacity
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