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Agri Informatics refers to the study and application of information tools that facilitate understanding of the genetic relationship and its responses to various factors in cell metabolic systems of different plants. The revolution in plant sciences signalled by genomics dramatically changes the scale and scope of our experimental enquiry and applications in plant system. The complex biological processes that make up the mechanisms of pathogen resistance and provide quality to our crops are now open for many systematic functional analyses. These analyses are made with the help of specific software on substantial data generated in the studies. The varied data derived from such studies provides valuable clues for monitoring crop development, genetic diseases, etc. Knowledge of the function of all plant genes, in conjunction with the development of tools for modifying and interrogating genomes, will yield novel genetic engineering principles. The book focuses on various aspects of agri informatics and associated information technology. It also affords an overview of various application areas and highlights some of the developments that have come up in the Indian context. Also, it dwells on information tools, ICT models, etc. The recent technological developments relating to agricultural informatics, as also the progress made in plant genome sequencing and molecular biology are included.
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